Smt. Pushpa
NCT Delhi President

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Foundation History


We do a lot to improve life for communities in need!

I have been incredibly fortunate in my life to never have to experience the difficulties I see in the world every day. I can’t imagine what it’s like to go hungry - and I think it’s a shame that in a country as great as ours, anyone should.

With that desire in my heart, I preside over Samaj Vistar Foundation. We’re all looking to make a difference in our world and I believe that by focusing on communities, we’re going to make the most substantial impact. The world is made up of these important social connections and if you foster them positively, they’ll pay huge dividends - in love, care, and a better world.

Working in the Peace Corps was supposed to be a short-term commitment, but it became a life-long journey. I'm so fortunate to be able to impact the lives of others, all while partnering with some of the most passionate and driven philanthropists on the globe.

mission & vision

No need is too small and no voice is too quiet to be heard. We will devote the time and energy necessary to educate, advocate and feed.

Shri Sameer Dugal
Karnataka State President

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recent programs

We have started 'Indramani Blind School' at Bodh-Gaya,  Bihar

Shri. Pramod Yadav
Uttar Pradesh  State Chairman

Mobile : +91 - 9621687657

Shri. S. P. Singh
Maharashtra State President

Mobile : +91 - 9960178204

Chairman desk

Shri. Pintu Thakur
Bihar State President

Mobile : +91 - 9199404227


More than 1,000 people volunteer for us each year and make the difference in the lives of thousands. Find out how to become our partner.

our leadership team

August 2015 - A Historical day for Samaj Vistar Foundation when it successfully completed its first program of "Beti Bachao Beti Padhao"

September 2015 - Samaj Vistar Foundation grows to feeding more than 100 children in a single day and raised more than Rs. 10,000 from non-corporate donors.

October 2015 - Samaj Vistar Foundation grows to more than 2,500 Volunteers

January 2016 - With the objective of feeding the needy, Samaj Vistar Foundation launched 'Bhook Nivaran Bank' on 

August 2016 - With vision to empower visually impaired children to lead productive, safe and dignified lives we started INDRAMANI BLIND SCHOOL at Bodh Gaya (Bihar)

December 2016 - To provide safe accomodation to visually impared girls for pursuing higher studies we started INDRAMANI BLIND GIRLS HOSTEL at Siraspur (New Delhi)