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  1. Hindustan (22.01.2017)
  2. Dainik Jagaran (22.01.2017)
  • Participation of Children in Bodhgaya Binale 2016
  1. Dainik Jagaran (22.12.2016)


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Before any child takes birth to this colourful world he/she lives a life of a blind for 9 months in the womb of the mother. There he generates his hearing sense and try to identify his family members by hearing their voices and keeps on guessing about them. But as soon as he/she takes birth his/her eyes shines with brightness. However not all are born with such a luck. Some remain as so called blind for their whole life.

These so called blind children have to face many challenges narrated to me by one of my friend Mr.Mantu Kumar (a visually impared & teacher by profession) residing at Gewal Bigha, Gaya (Bihar).
He says,
“Visually impaired children face greater social challenges, usually in relation to the activities in which a blind person cannot participate. All too frequently, blindness affects a person's ability to perform many job duties, which severally limits his/her employment opportunities. This may not only affect a person's finances but also his/her self esteem"

So, we at Samaj Vistar Foundation had taken a small initiative to reduce their environmental, social and technological challenges through the process of education and training by starting 'INDRAMANI BLIND SCHOOL & HOSTEL' at Bodh-Gaya, Bihar. Here we provide education and accomodation to the visually impaired children at FREE OF COST. We therefore totally rely upon our donors for food, rent, clothing, teaching & training equipments, etc.

We also request our donors to help us in the achievement of our goal to make our children live a self esteemed life.

Thank You!